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1587 Phoenix Boulevard, Suite 4
College Park, Georgia 30349

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Mission Statement

It is our belief that services should be provided to empower disabled and/or aged individuals to live independently and participate actively in the community of their choice (so long as the health, safety and welfare of employees and recipients of services are not jeopardized). Support services should be rendered where all people involved are respected and responsible for their own actions.

Our mission is:

  • To responsibly provide safe and dependable Personal Support services;
  • To hire and train competent staff who can effectively respond to each recipient’s individual needs;
  • To provide quality support services which will enable disabled persons to become actively involved in their community, to enable aged persons to remain actively involved in their communities; and
  • To assist these persons with participating in and enjoying life to their fullest potential.

We are a private home care agency, effectively meeting each person’s individual needs..MIND, BODY and SOUL: Respecting the MIND, Nurturing the BODY, and Soothing the SOUL.